Paul Quinn


Paul Quinn - Irish Guitarist


A multi-instrumentalist originally from Ennis, Co.Clare, Ireland, Paul was brought up in an Irish traditional setting. He developed a taste for intricate melodies and harmonies from a early age. With a BA in Psychology and MA in Music Therapy under his belt, he intertwines musical technique and complex theory masterfully and has gained world-wide acclaim with his music and videos. 




Paul Quinn has the ability to send shivers up the spines of fans...
— Evoke.ie (http://www.evoke.ie/showbiz/champions-league-theme-tune-acoustic-listen/)
Simply Stunning
— EUROSPORT (https://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/blogs/early-doors/irish-musician-produces-epic-acoustic-version-champions-league-134805195.html)
Phenomenal - Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones)
— http://thedailyedge.thejournal.ie/game-of-thrones-acoustic-cover-1279125-Jan2014/
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                                       VISIT MY FACEBOOK PAGE FOR MORE TABS & INFORMATION

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